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Sub-board: directories & claims

This board is where you should start on Mysste. It has the rulebook, F.A.Q., and other helpful threads you will need in order to roleplay on our website. If you still have problems or questions that aren't answered by the FAQ or the Library threads, please ask a staffmember.

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New to the site? Give a shout out to your fellow members here, or stop by to meet the people who'll be running your life from now on.

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This is where any of the admins post important information regarding the site. Only staff can create threads, and members may view and post in them afterwards. Make sure you check back here every so often to see if there are any new updates. This board is just as important as the Library because it contains important information that's current to the site, like Plot announcements or recent updates.

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If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the site, please post them in this board. Someone will reply to it to answer your question. Members are allowed to reply, but if a staff member/administrator makes a ruling, it trumps everything else.

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If you are going to leave the site or have to be away for any reason, you absolutely have to post here and let us know. This way, you're allowed to be exempt from Activity Check wipes. If you don't post here and you haven't let staff know about a hiatus, you may be deleted in an AC. If something happened and you couldn't get online to post in an Activity Check, please PM an Admin so you can work something out.

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Sub-boards: Old In Character, Old Out Of Character, Old Bios, Old Inventories, Old Breeding Logs, Old Introductions, Old Tournament/Events, Old Rules, Old Announcements, Mysste Archive of information

And, here we hold all the old threads that have been left untouched for more than a month. If you see a thread of your's in here, and wish to have it back, than please feel free to request that it be reinstated by a moderator or admin.


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Sub-boards: Audition Stand, WIP Board

After you've joined and you've read though the rules thoroughly, you can post your completed character bios here. Unfinished ones go in the WIP board. The bio form is provided inside in a stickied thread. You do have to wait for a staff member to accept however, that shouldn't take too long. Give it at least 24 to 48 hours and you should be accepted. There is also a thread showing bans and encouragements on characters. If you are a returning member, please repost your character's biography as normal and we'll accept it if everything is satisfactory.

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When a character bio is accepted by an admin, then it is their job to move it here. And no, you don't post your bios here; it'll get deleted if you do. Only staffmembers have the power to move it. We have the power to move bios back to create if we feel they were too short or for other reasons.

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This is the board you can come to to search for something. If your character is looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend perhaps, or a roleplay partner. Or maybe you are looking to give away unwanted characters. Anything along those lines can be posted here.

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This is a good way of keeping track of your characters. All you have to do is post a thread here and put up the items, pokemon and anything else your trainer character owns. It's just easier than putting it all in your signature. Note that this is NOT for profiles, it's just for keeping track of everything for the roleplayer's sake. Make sure you modify your thread whenever your character wastes an item or gets new pokemon.

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Thread Bulletin Board

If you want someone to look at your thread, this is the place to get their attention! Inside are several stickied threads that you can use; they function like dry erase boards at a workplace and catch attention. If you want your thread to get modded, please post here so that the mods see it. You can even use this place to plug your thread so someone else can RP with you!

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Southwest Mysste

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Dawning Town

Sub-boards: Pappa G's Convenience Store, Momma G's Diner, Dawning Town Flower Garden, Dawning Town Coordinating Center, Dawning Town Pokemon Lab

What better place to start a Pokemon journey than a town where every stranger feels like they’ve lived there their whole life?! Dawning Town is a quaint, neighborly town with the friendliest people in the region! How could you not be in a good mood with bright flowers filling every yard and lining the streets? The air is full of floral scents and the occasional hint of a homemade pecan pie from Momma G’s Diner. Whether you’re here for the annual Flower Festival or starting your journey to become the best trainer, coordinator, or breeder, Dawning Town will always welcome you with open arms, time and time again.

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Route 1 - Tymber Trails

Sub-board: Celebi's Shrine

Tymber Trails is a thick, woody deciduous forest that thins out the closer it gets to Millenia Plains. The trees are unbelievably tall towards the center of the forest with trunks as big as a house! The thick vegetation keeps the area quite cool, even in the hottest part of the year. A clean, dirt path winds its way through the forest, guiding trainers safely from Dawning Town to Solace Ranch. A few narrow paths cut into the more dense parts of the forest for the more advanced hikers. If you stay on the main path, it’s very difficult to get lost.

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Solace Ranch

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Tauros Saloon

On the border of Tymber Trails and Millenia Plains lies another small town. Unlike Dawning Town, Solace Ranch is quite dull when it comes to vegetation. The ranchers and farmers have taken advantage of the nutrient dense soils. Instead of flowers, they planted crops and raise livestock, enough to supply most of the region with its needs. You’ll find even more friendly faces here, most sporting a deep southern accent and hearty laugh. Most families here are large and tight-knit, specializing in breeding. They more than willing to put you up for the night if you need to rest before continuing on to the plains. If you offer to help out a family on the ranch, an unexpected surprise might come your way! There is a small Pokemon Center with an attached Pokemart to restock before leaving.

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Route 2 - Millenia Plains

Millenia Plains seems to go on for as far as the eye can see. The waist-high grass hides pokemon and their burrows so tread lightly! There is a trail, stomped down by Tauros, Bouffalant, and Mudsdale when the people of Solace Ranch decide to travel to Pristine City themselves. It’s quite the popular path considering the ranchers almost always need to cart their fresh harvests to the city. If you choose to stay on the path, don’t be surprised if you come across a few trainers and breeders on the way!

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Pristine City

Sub-boards: Normal Type Gym, Cute Contest Hall, Emera Grand Shopping Center, The Zephyr Order Headquarters, Pokemon Center

This is the first large city on a young trainer or coordinator’s journey with both a gym and a contest hall. As the name implies, this city is truly pristine. The residents take pride in their spotless city and look down on those who dare tarnish it. Unlike Dawning Town and Solace Ranch, the people aren’t as friendly but they are polite (fake or not). There is an aire of snobbiness about them that screams judgement, especially if your appearance is unkempt or grungy. The heart of the city is the Grand Emera Shopping Center, the largest and most elaborate mall in the region. A beautiful, large fountain is the centerpiece of this establishment and it is known to make wishes come true - with the right ‘donation’. The true, beating heart of the city is just on its border: the Templar Headquarters. The infamous organization has built an equally elaborate shrine to the Legendaries that people are expected to visit and pay their respects.

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Route 3 - Colossal Canyon

Sub-boards: Regirock Shrine, Ranger Shack

This massive canyon is a deep scar left from the reconstruction of the Mysste Region by the legendary Groudon. Its cliffs are multicolored reflecting the history of the region’s landmass through geology. At sunset the canyon is ablaze with hues of fiery red, burnt orange and sandy beige. At the base of the massive canyon are the rapids of the Colossal River that cuts through it. Navigating the canyon is a dangerous feat if not an advanced trainer. However, the relatively undisturbed base of the canyon may house some rare items! For beginner trainers, there is a fairly simple path that leads to a long, stable bridge that allows you to safely cross to the other side. If you wish to hire a guide to assist you with exploration, there is a small ranger shack near the bridge. Their main duty to make sure the bridge remains functional but they also moonlight as canyon guides.

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Central Mysste

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Groudon City

Sub-boards: Central Park, Mother of Mercy Pokemon Hospital, Megamart , Adoption Center, The Trade Shop

The bustling metropolis of Mysste is at the region’s center: Groudon City. Named after the infamous legendary, the city is as large and grand as the pokemon itself! Four separate entrances surround the city, each sprouting off to different areas of the region, keeping it connected as a whole. With a massive population and center of business, the city’s skyline is beautifully crafted with elegantly designed skyscrapers for both business centers and apartment homes. The region’s largest pokemon hospital is located here in the West Quadrant of the city along with the Master Contest Hall which has everything a coordinator could possibly dream of. At the city’s core is a beautiful central park perfect for an afternoon stroll or picnicking with friends. Central Park hosts the region’s largest farmers market every Saturday and Sunday morning. The Southern Quadrant houses the beginner Pokemon Gym along with a plethora of restaurants, boutique shops, and cafes. The Eastern Ward has a beginner Contest Hall along with the region’s large colosseum that hosts tournaments and large events. The Northern Quadrant of the city has an Advanced Pokemon Gym and the region’s Training Center where trainers, coordinators, and breeders can battle each other to hone in their respective skills.

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Northern Quadrant

Sub-board: Dragon Type Gym

The Northern Quadrant is the roughest part of the city. It is by no means dangerous, but the people are quite tough. The city's Master Pokemon Gym and Training Center is located here which makes the Northern Quadrant the training hub of the city.

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Eastern Quadrant

Sub-board: Beauty Contest Hall

The Eastern Quadrant is the busiest of them all! With both the Beginner Contest Hall and the Convention/Tournament Center, there always seems to be something going on in the area! Most privately owned businesses can be found here in the Eastern Quadrant.

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Southern Quadrant

Sub-board: Grass Type Gym

The Southern Quadrant of Groundon City is the homiest of them all. It contains the Beginner Pokemon Gym frequented by the new, up and coming trainers. The friendly nature of this particular quadrant has brought a lot of small, mom and pop owned boutiques, cafes, and restaurants to the area.

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Western Quadrant

Sub-board: Tough Contest Hall

The Western Quadrant is centered around Mother of Mercy Pokemon Hospital, the largest and most advanced Pokemon Center in the region! The presence of the hospital as made the Western Quadrant the nicest area of the city, boasting the best apartments, restaurants, and boutiques.

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Southeast Mysste

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Route 4 - The Riverwalk

Route 4 leaves Groudon City to the South, following the Colossal River as it winds its way down towards Finnette Lake. It’s quite the pleasant journey with the river on one side and rising foothills on the other spotted with various evergreen trees. This easy going path is frequented by amateur hikers from the city and fisherman looking to catch some of the small water-types in the gentle rapids of the river. There are places to frequently stop for picnics or fishing.

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Route 5 - Finnette Lake

Sub-boards: Fantasia Marina, The Dam, Lake Guardians' Shrine

Colossal River was dammed up to harness its natural power. The damming of this great river created this large, recreational lake. A few summer lake houses and marinas of the rich and famous dot its shoreline but mostly it is home to the recreational fisherman. To promote it, the region stocked the lake full of wildlife, giving trainers a large, diverse selection of water types to look for. Rumor has it, that large, shiny Finneon swim these waters. The community keeps the lake clean and healthy. You may either navigate the lake via Surf or travel around the lake to get to Industrial City. At the lake’s southern tip is the massive dam that generates massive amounts of electricity from the running water, enough to power most of the region!

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Industrial City

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Cool Contest Hall, Steel Type Gym, Hydroelectric Power Plant

Industrial City is known for its . . . well, industry! The city is mostly factories and the large, hydroelectric power plant associated with the dam. Most people that live here work long, grueling hours in the factories making them not-so-pleasant people. There is a particularly high number of 24 hour bars with happy hour all day, every day, for the workers after they get off their various shifts. Most of the city is owned by Krasmir Corp who monopolized on the cheap power coming from the nearby dam. The hydroelectric power plant is a lure for electric-types which frequently need to be cleared out. Industrial City is also home to the region’s Electric-type Pokemon Gym and Tough Contest Hall. A decently sized Pokemon Center is available for the weary traveler while they explore the city and its surroundings. The air is always damp and cold, adding to the city’s gloominess.

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Route 6 - Dire Peaks

Sub-board: Highest Heights Point

The path starts as a comfortable hike through the Mountain Range’s foothills spotted in evergreen vegetation. The trees thin out as the journey increase in altitude, turning from small foothills to steeper cliffs. Eventual the grass disappears all together and is replaced with snowy terrain. A safe path winds through the mountains, with a few more advanced outcroppings, one that leads to the region’s highest point. The weather can get dangerously cold with unexpected blizzards so make sure to check the weather before conquering Route 6!

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Aurora Heights

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Aurora Heights Ski Resort, Cute Contest Hall, Ice Type Gym

Snug as a bug in a rug in a central valley in the mountains is Aurora Heights, the region’s premier winter destination. This city built up around the world-class ski resort that attracts winter enthusiasts and trainers from around the world! There is a never ending supply of fun winter-themed things to do from snowshoeing an easy path to extreme skiing. The fluffiest, most pure snow falls here and packs nicely for that perfect snowman or snow angel! Every Christmas, the city is ablaze with lights and throws a marvelous Highlands Holiday Festival that lasts through the holiday season. The city is also home to the region’s Ice-type Pokemon Gym and Cool Contest Hall.

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Route 7 - Parched Bone Desert

Sub-board: The Ruins

As you descend the east side of the mountain range the weather takes quite the turn. The tall peaks keep any westerly rain clouds from making it past them. This has left the east side of the mountain range dry and arid. It’s a brutal landscape with equally as brutal pokemon that call the desert home. The days are scorching hot and the nights are ice cold. It’s known for its quicksand beds which makes the journey very dangerous. Along the easternmost coast of the desert is a large set of ruins. They don’t seem as ancient as one would expect. So, how’d they get there?

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 22, 2017 14:11:32 GMT -6

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Twin Cities

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, The Docks

Off in the distance something green begins to sparkle on the seemingly bleak horizon. Is this another mirage? Nope! Congratulations for making it through the desert! You’ve now stumbled upon the Twin Cities, the desert’s own oasis. The cities are nearly identical with colorful houses that line the cliffs leading down to the bay. The cities are connected by a very long, seemingly unstable bridge tall enough for fishing vessels to pass under. This is home to the region’s top fishing company: Hookem Co. It’s a homely, family run operation that keeps these the Twin Cities sparkling clean. The villages are mostly employees and are always happy to welcome a stranger. Pretty much every restaurant here serves nothing but seafood and bars are cheap and plenty. Here is where you can find a ferry that can take you over to Sol Island or you can brave the journey yourself on top of a pokemon that knows Surf. Upon leaving the city to the north, the path reconnects to the East Entrance of Groudon City.

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Northeast Mysste

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Route 8 - Shyft Tunnel

Sub-board: University of Mysste Fossil Dig

The mountains to the North of the city are almost impossible to traverse. Instead, a tunnel was built to go below the mountains and cut a quick path to the northern aspect of the region. Shyft Tunnel is very dark and a pokemon with Flash or some sort of light emitting ability is advised to accompany you. The passages range from large, spacious corridors to narrow, low paths. The main road is particularly easy to travel but several extra tunnels lead deeper into the underground. You never know what you’ll find!

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 9:04:08 GMT -6

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Willowridge Hills

Sub-board: Pokemon Center

Tucked into the quiet foothills of the northern mountain range is Willowridge Hills. The theme here seems to be “tiny”. Everything is much smaller than usual, including the residents and native pokemon! It’s the perfect place to regroup and recuperate from the exhausting journey through Shyft Tunnel. All the buildings are built into the rolling green hills and the residents are friendly trainers, making a modest living off the land. Be sure to stock up on your supplies before heading on to Route 9!

Last post in pokemon ride & ride pager by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Dec 30, 2017 21:16:13 GMT -6

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Route 9 - Iridescent Bayou

Sub-board: Genesect Shrine

The rolling foothills slowly pan out into flat land. The frequent flooding of the northern section of the Colossal river spills over into Iridescent Bayou, keeping the below-sea-level land filled with nasty, stagnant water. It’s a treacherous journey through the swamp. Sinkholes can prove fatal. Only a broken boardwalk (hardly navigable at some points) weaves through the monstrous cypress tree and leads you through the the swamp to Stilt City. The bayou’s name is derived from the bioluminescent bacteria that make the stagnant waters glow when disturbed. The phenomenon is best seen on a dark night.

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 9:20:37 GMT -6

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Stilt City

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Clever Contest Hall, Water Type Gym

Nestled in the center of the bayou is Stilt City. It is appropriately named because all of the buildings are either on very tall stilts or built into the tall, stable cypress trees. The residents hardly ever touch the bog’s muddy waters because of the intricate spiderweb of paths that trace through the trees. Stilt City is home to the region’s infamous Poison-type gym as well as a contest hall.

Last post in stilt city gym; water type gym trainers by Amber May 11, 2018 9:08:46 GMT -6

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Route 10 - Moonflower Valley

Sub-board: Xerneas' Shrine

Moonflower Valley got its name from the beautiful silver flowers growing in the steep valley. The moonlight always drifts into the valley pleasantly, washing the whole place over in milky white. The Pokemon here are serene and mostly peaceful, yet they are quite protective of their valley and will ward of intruders that don't show the right amount of respect for their home.

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 9:32:15 GMT -6

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Sharkfin City

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Sharpedo Cliffside, Sharkfin City Arena, Cool Contest Hall

The locals of Sharkfin City are a rough sort of people. They don’t trust easily and they certainly don’t take kindly to outsiders who might want to cause problems in their very tight knit community. Here everything is about family and the sake of the community. Everyone helps one another. If you prove not to be a delinquent the locals will welcome you and offer to show you the true wonders of their city. These are a tough people and a tough way of life but they’re all really great once you get to know them.

Last post in pokemon ride & ride pager by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Dec 30, 2017 21:18:33 GMT -6

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Route 11 - Sunshine Skyway

Sub-board: Tik Tak Beach Shack

Route 11 follows the coastline from Sharkfin City down to Crescent City. The path is bright, sunny, and quite pleasant! It follows along a small line of white sand beaches that are frequented by local families and picnicking couples. A few large, colorful houses overlook the waterfront, home to some of the most prestigious families in Mysste.

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Crescent City

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Kazuko Temple, Grand Cherry Blossom Zen Garden, Psychic Type Gym

Crescent City isn’t like it’s tough natured cousin Sharkfin city across the bay. It doesn’t have rare and friendly Carvanha or Sharpedo. It doesn’t have the rustic and modern charm of the sailing, surfing city of Sharkfin. It does however have a deep rich connection to the past and tradition. Most people would refer to Crescent City as the "gem in the rough"; beautiful beyond compare with its sloping terrain and cherry blossom trees. Spring is littered with the pink blossoms that dance on the air around temples full of priests or monks. The clear air is perfect for meditation and this little serene city is an oasis for psychic pokemon who seem more than just attracted to the area but simply at home. From Priestesses to Psychics and even clairvoyants, if you can handle the strict traditional civilized manor of people from Crescent City, this is the place to be. Just like Sharkfin city once you’re in, you’re a member for life in the community.

Last post in crecent city gym; psychic type gym trainers by Amber May 11, 2018 9:48:11 GMT -6

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Route 12 - Eastern Speedway

Sub-boards: Dash Stand, Bike Shop

Stretching from Crescent City to the Eastern entrance of Groudon City, is the Eastern Speedway. This is a fast moving bicycle route that stretches straight between the two. There is no speed limit and thrill seekers come here to race each other across the speedway’s expanse. There is a pedestrian route on either side but don’t expect it to be a quick journey! This speedway is very long. Don’t have a bike? Feel free to rent one from the Bike Shop for a small fee so you too can speed towards Groudon City!

Last post in Rental Prices by BD Jul 18, 2017 16:47:21 GMT -6

Northwest Mysste

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Route 13 - Empty Plains

Sub-boards: Darkrai's Shrine, Forgotten Amusement Park

Just as the name implies, Empty Plain is barren of pretty much anything. The grass is yellow and dead, the trees lack any leaves, and there is barely any shelter for pokemon. But that doesn't stop them from inhabiting this area as well. If you travel far enough into this barren area though, you may stumble upon an amusement park. There is a small bridge to cross the river to get to Obeah village.

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 12:58:40 GMT -6

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Obeah Village

Sub-boards: Mystery Inc. Ghost Tours, Madame Lavaeu's Voodoo Shop, Ghost Type Gym, Pokemon Center

This medium sized town sits on the edge of Ghastly Gulch and thrives off the tourism industry. The town is rumored to be home to the highest concentration of haunted buildings and paranormal activity. A ghost tour is on nearly every street and people never leave unsatisfied. The city’s main buildings are old yet well-kept. On the outskirts are some really run down mansions and towers with ghostly activity too vicious for anyone to try and remodel or inhabit. Some of the paranormal charades seem too cliche to actually be real . . . Dare to find out?

Last post in pokemon ride & ride pager by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Dec 30, 2017 21:20:13 GMT -6

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Route 14 - Ghastly Gulch (Intermediate)

Upon looking down into the gulch all you see is darkness. It seems the steep climb down never ends. Wisps of white fog so thick you can barely see your hand in front of you fill the void. The path is dangerous and steep but eventually levels out to a bridge that crosses to the other side. No matter how many times they attempt to rebuild the bridge, it always turns out quite unstable. It swings freely and the boards look like they are barely hanging on by a nail! Hold on tight! It’s a long way down . . .

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 13:05:38 GMT -6

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Cliff Heights

Sub-boards: Daredevil's Den, Flying School, Pokemon Center, Tough Contest Hall, Flying Type Gym

Built into the large, steep coast of the region is Cliff Heights. The city was expertly chiseled into the strong stone and is home to the most acrobatic and skilled fliers in the world. The wind can be tricky but these daredevils thrive on the adrenaline. The only way in and out of the city in through flight. Don’t have a pokemon with Fly? That’s ok! One of the city’s many pilots-in-training- will be there to assist you down. Once in the city, it is navigable through stairs and bridges.

Last post in The Sky's the Limit - Flying Type Gym Info by Mila Zarkades Feb 24, 2018 21:27:09 GMT -6

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Route 15 - Phantom Woods

Sub-board: Lunala's Shrine

Phantom Woods are obviously, woods that follow along the steep Western coast of Mysste. But there is something quite odd about this jungle. The trees are paperwhite and the branches are covered with long long vines that stretch over, as well as large overhanging canopies. What makes it the most creepy is the fact that there is a hovering mist that never seems to leave, so you have a hard time finding your way. It's also said that journeying through here awakens ghost Pokemon.

Last post in Ghost Forest (Wild/Mod) by Damian Kent May 25, 2018 15:50:06 GMT -6

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Castlot City

Sub-boards: Clever Contest Hall, The Underground, Pokemon Center, Castlot Casino and Hotel

The West coast’s largest city is a frequented stop by all walk of life. The city’s lights can be seen for miles and miles. This buzzing metropolitan literally never sleeps. The streets are always busy and the doors to most establishments are always open. Castlot boasts as the region’s wealthiest city because of the plethora of casinos that line the main strip. The streets are clean, the party never stops, and the world is your Cloyster in Castlot City. Want to feel unstoppable? Stop on by and see what you can do.

Last post in Can't Run, Can't Hide (Mod/Open) by Kiara Tonic May 23, 2018 10:46:28 GMT -6

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Route 16 - Ghastly Gulch (Advanced)

Sub-boards: Giratina's Shrine, Gem Caverns

Ghastly Gulch blocks your way, yet again! You can’t go around it, you can’t go over it, may as well go through it! This time, the journey is much less friendly. There’s no bride to guide you and the fog seems to be even thicker and the path even more dangerous. You walk deeper and deeper into what could be considered a mildly cool Hell. The pokemon are much less friendly and everything seems to try and kill you. Pleasant indeed. Are you sure you don’t want to turn around? The rumor of caverns filled with rare and expensive gems lures victims to the canyon’s depths. Some return haunted and terrified, the other never return at all . . . Once you climb back up the other side you find yourself reconnected with a path that leads to Groudon City’s West entrance.

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 13:28:29 GMT -6

Offshore Mysste

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Route 17 - Ocean Passage

Sub-boards: Kyogre's Shrine, Sea Tomb

Ocean Passage leads across a stretch of sea from the Twin Cities to the Resort Island. It can be a pleasant journey or quite treacherous due to weather so be sure to check first! You may choose to Surf on your own pokemon or take a Ferry across the sea. A certain stretch directly in the middle has been rumored to be haunted by a giant sea creature that sinks unsuspecting ships attempting to steal its treasures. Deep below the waves (only accessible with Dive) is the Sea Tomb. It is the home to this alleged creature and its many treasures. Approach at your own risk!

Last post in Wild Pokemon by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jun 23, 2017 13:35:47 GMT -6

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Playa Del Sol

Sub-boards: Safari Zone, Playa Del Sol Beach, Pokemon Center, Playa Del Sol Resort

Sun, sand, fruity drinks with umbrellas: you can have it all at Playa Del Sol! This city is built around the thriving tourist destination of Playa Del Sol Resort. This island treasure is home to some of the friendliest staff in the business imported directly from the beaches of the Alola Region! There is always something fun whether it be checking out the Safari Zone, learning to Dive, zip-lining through the trees of Brilliance Jungle or you can just relax on the beach with no worries!

Last post in Safari Zone Information by ARCEUS OF MYSSTE Jan 21, 2018 23:02:29 GMT -6

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Route 18 - Brilliance Jungle

Sub-board: Shrine to the Swords of Justice

South of the resort is a relatively untouched rainforest. Brilliance Jungle is properly named for it’s brilliant array of wildlife, especially grass-type pokemon and berry-producing plants. This dense jungle is difficult to navigate but getting lost in its beauty is almost worth it!

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Brilliance City

Sub-boards: Beauty Contest Hall, Pokemon Center

Tucked into the dense jungle is Brilliance City, a true rainforest-like village. It mostly consists of small huts and tree houses but there are plenty of them! This community entirely relies on mother nature to provide what they need. You’ll find no machines or electricity out here!

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Route 19 - Magma Pass

Sub-board: Magma Pass Hot Springs

Magma Pass leads North from Playa Del Sol towards the volcano on the North side of the island. The air is hot and full of ash and soot from the active volcano not too far away. It’s a safe place to observe the volcano from if you don’t want to get too close! Not too far off Magma Pass is a set of Hot Springs known for their healing properties and Sol City at the base of the volcano.

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Sol City

Sub-boards: FIre Type Gym, Heatran's Shrine, Sol Volcano

At the base of the active volcano is Sol City. It’s hot, ashy, and quite the unpleasant place to live. Geologists and Fire-type specialists thrive in Sol City from the plethora of fire-type pokemon that call the small section of the island home. It is rumored some very rare pokemon wander the cliffs of the volcano.

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mysste colosseum

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Trading Center

The Trading Center is a huge bazaar filled with people milling in and out of stalls and grungy buildings. Some of them look like they were set up overnight while others seem to have set up a successful business. You can set up a thread of your own to trade Pokemon or eggs; just state your wares and prices, and others may show interest. One of these prominent traders is a man named Brian, who dominates the trading scene with his aggressive monopoly. Although he's coarse, no one has Pokemon like him. There's a bar where a bounty hunter named Morrigan resides. You may find quests of hers to be of interest and she gives excellent prizes. The Move Tutor is also here, an old woman with several TMs for sale and a willingness to teach your Pokemon moves. The Karma Shop is located here, where you may use your Karma and Pokepoints (PP) in exchange for evolution stones and other trainer-friendly items. The newest shop belongs to Elliot, a PokeBall smith like Johto's Kurt. If you bring her your Apricorns and some money, she'll make you a PokeBall.

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Pokemon Daycare

If your Pokemon are compatible with each other, post their stats here and you might end up with a special surprise. Don't forget to read the stickied thread inside. You can use your PP to buy eggs and once-a-month supplies at the Daycare Shop.

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Destiny Center

Sub-boards: Destiny Park, Destiny Island

Are you a Coordinator who would like to get cool outfits for your pokemon? Or get them all beautified for an upcoming contest? Maybe one of your pokemon evolves by only happiness. The Beauty Center is your one stop mall devoted to making your pokemon feel beautiful and refreshed. Attached to the mall is a lovely park where you can battle a trainers specifically to gain your pokemon happiness.

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Sub-board: Colosseum Grounds

This is a special thing that the admins hold every so often. It's basically a huge tournament of pokemon battling, where you fight different people until the final fight between the last two standing, and the winner is then awarded with something nice.

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Training Arena

This massive building houses several hundred rooms where you can battle Pokemon. Each room is fitted with a state-of-the-art hologram system, allowing you to choose what type of arena you would like to battle on. Your character will train up against other characters and their Pokemon. The rules are entirely yours to control, but most folks go with equal experience, levels don't matter, and items can/can't be used. Even Pokemon afraid of battle can gain experience by playing games between members. If you need any more refreshers on training battles, feel free to check the Library at the top of the forum. You can also look at the other battles members have done here. If you just want to battle some NPCs, that's okay, but most people usually battle each other. It's more fun that way!

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Coordination Practice

This is a board for coordinators to practice their contest combinations. Like the Training Arena, you post a thread in here and someone will reply to you. Instead of all-out battling, you focus more on move combos and description of attacks. That way, you're ready for the Grand Festival! Like the Training Arena, each arena is customizable so you may pick any setting you like for practicing your moves. You may see interviewers and journalists here, so smile big. Your biggest idols train here too.

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beyond mysste

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Other Regions

Sub-boards: The Kanto Region, The Johto Region, The Hoenn Region, The Sinnoh Region, The Unova Region, The Kalos Region, The Alola Region, Other Regions, The Real World

If you have a character or were modded a Pokemon with a plot or something that involves any of the other Pokemon regions (or our world), you can roleplay in these sub-boards. Wordcount does not give IC money, and posts do not earn PokePoints. Please read the instructions inside before making a thread.

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out of character

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Zephyr Order

This is where extra information about ZO is posted and added to as well as a live chat to communicate with other ZO members and host live Lecture meetings.

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Advertising & Affiliation

Sub-boards: Guest Services, First Time Ads, Link Back & Processed, Affiliation

Now then, here you can post the links to your own site, so that we may check 'em out! You can also request affiliation here, if you like. :3 But please make sure to put something about Affiliation in your thread title if you want us to know! There is also a board called "Guest Services". If you have a problem or concern involving Mysste, please post there. It is guest friendly and staff will take your posts seriously.

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General Discussion

Sub-boards: Pokemon Chat, Coding Support, Polls and Games, The Museless

You can talk about anything here.

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Here you can post anything from stories to artwork to poetry! We want to see all the creativity you've got. You can also link to your dA pages, too.